Manhattan Orthopedic Care opens the doors for elective visits

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After two months of working from home and seeing patients via Telemedicine appointments, we are happy to announce that our offices will reopen for elective visits. On Monday, May 18th, we will reopen our Manhattan office, and the very next day, Tuesday 19th, we will open the doors of our Staten Island office. Our hours will be as follows:
  • Manhattan: open on Monday – Thursday from 9AM to 12PM
  • Staten Island: open on Tuesday from 9AM to 12PM and Thursday from 1PM to 4PM
As a responsible company, Manhattan Orthopedic Care quickly adopted the new rules of working safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team was actively involved in all regular activities from home. We maintained a good spirit by coming together to video meetings.
“We hope that you are remaining safe during these unprecedented times. As you may have seen from our emails or social media posts, we have been able to successfully perform surgeries in our surgery centers. We have also been taking virtual appointments, which have allowed patients continued access to our clinical team until we fully open our doors again,” Dr. Tehrany proudly says.
Last week, Dr. Armin Tehrany gathered everyone to express his gratitude to the team for its unanimous support during the COVID-19 struggle. During the meeting, Dr. Terany and the team discussed the option of opening the doors for patients. Since teamwork brings the best work, together, they agreed on the new safety rules required to open the offices for patients. Following are the safety rules that both the staff and the patients must follow during their stay in the office: COVID-19 Decontamination In addition to our high-level disinfection protocol and typical aseptic and hygiene standards, we hired a cleaning and disinfecting service to sterilize both of our offices. The decontaminant spray kills the virus and helps to prevent future spread. Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) The staff must wear PPE and continuously follow the high-level disinfection protocols and hygiene standards. This rule applies to anyone who comes into the office. Therefore, we require that anyone should also wear a mask and gloves. Thermal Temperature Checks We equipped the office with devices that take a temperature without contact with the patient. Each patient who visits the office will have their temperature taken by one of our staff before proceeding to their appointment. Physical Distancing We will limit the number of patients allowed in our office. To maintain physical distancing measures, we placed six-foot markers to display the recommended spacing between patients. We want to express our gratitude to all friends and patients for their continuous trust in our efforts and services. We look forward to seeing you again.