Dr. Tehrany shows the inside of the knee during arthroscopic meniscus repair

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Over the past few weeks, Dr. Armin Tehrany shared meticulously crafted content to reassure the community that life will continue and evolve in the face of the current pandemic. Through the videos he shared, Dr. Tehrany provided an insight into how his team rearranged their operations to respond to the need for heightened safety measures quickly. Additionally, Dr. Tehrany shared the stories of our consenting patients’ journeys who underwent surgeries in ambulatory centers. With his new video, Dr. Tehrany provides a closer look at an arthroscopic meniscus repair.
  The patient experienced a painful meniscus tear after he felt a pop in the knee while running. Since the meniscus has a vital role in knee stability, a tear in the meniscus could severely affect the knee’s health. Moreover, a meniscus tear can cause excruciating pain while trying to move the knee. For that reason, Dr. Tehrany recommended proceeding with the arthroscopic meniscus repair immediately. As a surgeon specialized in arthroscopic procedures, Dr. Tehrany was highly confident that the surgery will go smoothly even though performed in an ambulatory center.
“He was running, and he felt a pop in the knee and some discomfort. I am about to show you the torn meniscus,” Dr. Tehrany explains while showing at the arthroscopic camera display.
After making an incision to gain access in the knee, Dr. Tehrany pointed out the critical areas involved in the injury. The arthroscopic camera provided a comprehensive look into the knee and the injured meniscus. The video and Dr. Tehrany’s guidance while performing the surgery, bring a deeper understanding of the problem he and his physician address with the surgery. During the surgery, Dr. Tehrany removed the torn part of the meniscus. The greater portion of the meniscus looked intact. Dr. Tehrany felt confident that the rest of the surgery would be smooth. He also noted that he expects a full recovery for the patient and a perfect surgery outcome.
“I believe we are in a position now where we can save the rest of the meniscus, and I think it will work out well,” Dr. Tehrany predicts calmly.
After the surgery, Dr. Tehrany spent time with the patient to confirm that everything went as planned. The patient felt good and happy that his painful knee agony would be over in no time.
“I’m feeling great. It seems like I’m going to have a smooth recovery. The doctor gave me a positive outlook, and I think that I will be up and about in a very short time,” confirms the patient.
If you are experiencing any pain, feel free to contact us immediately and schedule your appointment. Our offices will reopen on May 18, 2020. We look forward to continuing to provide a superior and safe level of orthopedic care.