Preparing for ACL Tear Repair during Coronavirus

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The recent COVID-19 developments introduced some unique challenges for the entire world. At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we adapted to the new way of functioning and responded by deploying safety and security measures for our patients and staff. To help the community understand the shift in our work-flow, Dr. Armin Tehrany asked one of his patients to share his experience with the Telemedicine appointments. He asked the patient to share his expectation about the surgery and the ambulatory center.
  The new video is a pre-operative Zoom meeting with the patient Milan Golubovic. In the video, Dr. Tehrany explains his considerations when determining candidates for surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, he points out that in some patients, procedure delays could further complicate their condition and make the procedure more complicated. Milan suffered an ACL tear that produced particularly painful circumstances. Unfortunately, he could not feasibly withstand the symptoms for an extended period. For this reason, Dr. Tehrany recommended moving forward with the ACL tear repair right away. After he and Milan thoroughly discussed the surgical and recovery process, they both agreed that urgent ACL reconstruction was the best treatment option.
“When you injured your ACL, we decided it was in your best interest to have surgery for a reconstructive ligament,” Dr. Tehrany explains to Milan.
“Then coronavirus became an issue, and we were concerned about the risks because, one, the safety of the facility and also afterward, physical therapy and your ability to go,” he recaps.
As a response to the coronavirus, Dr. Tehrany and the staff of Manhattan Orthopedic Care have taken every precaution available to maintain a clean and COVID-free environment. One preventative measure is confirming that neither the patients nor any of Dr. Tehrany teammates have any of the COVID-19 symptoms before the procedure. With the patient’s health and safety in mind, Dr. Terhany thoroughly evaluates every step of the surgical procedure, including the recovery period. Before he scheduled Milan’s ACL surgery, Dr. Tehrany ensured a seamless and risk-free transition from the surgery center to the physical therapy facility.
“I have spoken to physical therapy CEO’s, and they have assured me that their facilities are safe,” confirms Dr. Tehrany.
While he fully commits to ensuring a low-risk environment, Dr. Tehrany is careful to explain that no environment is 100% risk-free.
“It is important for the public to know that I cannot promise zero chance. There is no testing yet to prove that, we do it based on symptoms. We are looking forward to when testing is available that is highly accurate,” Dr. Tehrany concludes.
At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we continue to take the highest level of safety precautions to provide a welcoming and safe environment for those who need our services. If you are experiencing worrisome pain due to a shoulder or knee injury, please schedule a Telemedicine consultation today. We look forward to continuing to serve and provide care.