Shoulder reconstruction during pandemic: Everything went well!

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At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we are determined to provide the highest level of orthopedic care to our patients regardless of how challenging life is. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we readjusted our workflow and capacities so that we can offer our services in the safest possible environment. 
  Seeing patients regularly via Telemedicine, Dr. Armin Tehrany continues to schedule surgeries for patients urgently need them to address their injuries.   
“We are deciding very carefully what types of patients are appropriate candidates to have arthroscopic shoulder or knee surgery,” Dr. Tehrany explains moments before the scheduled surgery.
In his new video, Dr. Tehrany motions to Christian Ellam, a shoulder surgery patient. With Christian’s consent, Dr. Tehrany explains what brought Christian to Manhattan Orthopedic Care and what urged his decision to proceed with a shoulder reconstruction surgery in such precarious times.  
“This gentleman has a history of dislocated shoulders, and he had a recent dislocation,” says Dr. Tehrany,“The shoulder is getting worse, and it feels unstable. It’s affecting his ability to navigate his life, and he needs to travel back to the United Kingdom in the near future,” says Dr. Tehrany.
After an initial examination, Dr. Tehrany and Christian thoroughly discussed the risks and benefits of having the surgery. While this discussion is a standard part of every consultation, it has become more in-depth and it reviews all options available to choose the best action, especially during COVID-19 pandemic. With the patient’s safety as a top priority, Dr. Tehrany intends to minimize all risks by adhering to CDC guidelines for cleanliness and safety. Gloves and masks are standard accessories for medical staff during surgery.  In addition, protective gear is mandatory at all times for both staff and patients. That level of protection allows Dr. Tehrany to be confident that Manhattan Orthopedic Care takes all precautions to maintain an environment with minimal risk.  Feeling confident in the environment allows Dr. Tehrany to focus on a successful procedure effectively. For Christian, it was an arthroscopic shoulder reconstruction to repair the painful tears in his shoulder.
“We are going to go ahead and reconstruct his tears from his unstable shoulder, which is painful, and things should go very well,” says Dr. Tehrany.
As he narrates the procedure shown through an arthroscopic camera, Dr. Tehrany points out the two labrum tears that have given the patient significant distress.
“That is what we are going to repair today, to try to stabilize his shoulder to make him eventually able to have normal function and no pain,” explains Dr. Tehrany.
After the surgery, Dr. Tehrany followed up on Christian’s shoulder. In the recovery room, Dr. Tehrany shared his joy that the shoulder surgery went well and that he expects full recovery for Christian. 
“He did well, and the surgery went well. We put in four anchors in order to stabilize and reconstruct the shoulder. I’m really happy that it went so well,” concludes Dr. Tehrany.
If you are experiencing debilitating shoulder pain and unsure what steps to take, please contact us to schedule a Telemedicine appointment today. Thank you.