FDA to expedite Remdesivir availability as a COVID-19 treatment

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Scientists worldwide are going above and beyond to find a vaccine that can defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. As clinical studies progress towards the discovery of the most effective treatment, Dr. Armin Tehrany follows along on advancements in the field.
  Currently, the treatments that promise a breakthrough include medications used for other diseases as well as medications developed in direct response to coronavirus. Current data suggest that drugs that successfully treat other severe diseases may be among the first treatment options for coronavirus as well. As ongoing studies are still confirming the effectiveness of these treatment options for treating COVID-19 patients, the FDA is planning to issue an emergency authorization of Remdesivir that could come as early as Wednesday. In his new video, Dr. Tehrany highlights another study that observes this pharmaceutical vaccine potential, which proved effective in the treatment of the ebola virus.
“I’ve seen another study about a drug called Remdesivir, which the company Gilead suggests will do well and has done well in treating patients,” Dr. Tehrany explains.
Remdesivir has shown promising activity against COVID-19 in controlled laboratory experiments. Furthermore, data collected from the compassionate-use administration of the drug has also supported its efficacy. Recent advancements have been significant enough to lead the FDA to expedite the availability of the drug as a treatment option for COVID-19.
“Remdesivir has the chance to cut down on the length that the virus will stay in the body – a 31% decrease!” Dr. Tehrany shares enthusiastically.
Dr. Anthony Fauci confirmed encouraging results for the trial during a meeting with President Trump, suggesting the possibility of Remdesivir becoming the standard treatment for severe cases of COVID-19.
“That brings promise as does the possibility of a vaccine that may be able to be created in the next few months,” Dr. Tehrany concludes reassuredly.
Dr. Tehrany understands the significance of this new development and the need to cautiously evaluate the information and news related to the coronavirus and treatment options.  If you have any shoulder and knee issues that require the opinion of a professional, please contact us to schedule a Telemedicine appointment with New York’s top-rated orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Armin Tehrany. Thank you.