A message from Dr. Armin Tehrany: Good news on our global fight

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From the local precautionary measures to the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic, we continue to endure challenges every day but we do not concede defeat. Today, I have some good news I wanted to share with you. A recent Wall Street Journal article suggests that researchers in Italy found evidence that through trial and error, doctors and scientists around the world are seeing a decrease in death from this horrible pandemic. What the studies are showing is that most death cases were the result of the overwhelming response from patients’ immune systems going on overdrive together with blood clots that created deadly situations. To prevent this deadly immune response, a cocktail of drug combinations is given – sort of like a customized solution, and so far, it looks like this is working; the number of deaths has steadily declined and recovery is gaining ground. In addition, the FDA has given the green light for a new blood test that can potentially serve as an early warning system for patients who are at most risk of having their immune systems go on overdrive to fight coronavirus. This is indeed good news that strengthens our hope to save more lives. At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, my team and I remain committed to putting your safety first and doing everything we can to protect you while we take care of your knees and shoulders. We are happy to be open once again in both our Manhattan and Staten Island offices serving you. Feel free to call us for any of your orthopedic needs. We look forward to the chance to take good care of you. You can read the full WSJ article mentioned above here. Let us continue to move forward with hope for all that the future has in store.