New video: Dr. Tehrany performs Arthroscopic SLAP Repair

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Our commitment and ability to transform the lives of our patients  is a source of pride for Manhattan Orthopedic Care. It is even more gratifying when we have the opportunity to help those who serve and protect our community. As an Honorary Orthopedic Surgeon for the NYPD, Dr. Armin Tehrany  is proud to be of service to New York’s citizens! One of Dr. Tehrany’s latest patients was an NYPD Lieutenant who suffered from a labrum tear. Due to the pain in his shoulder, he had a limited range of motions. Due to the severity of the tear, Dr. Tehrany recommended proceeding with an arthroscopic SLAP repair.
  In today’s video, Dr. Tehrany provides a closer look at the arthroscopic SLAP repair. Typically, this shoulder surgery requires tiny holes used to insert the arthroscopic camera and the instruments. The advancement in the technology allows the shoulder surgeons to perform this shoulder surgery with less trauma to the body. As an orthopedic doctor specializing in arthroscopic knee and shoulder procedures, Dr. Tehrany embraces new technologies that mitigate risks and deliver superior results.
“The better the technology gets, the better the results can get,” explains Dr. Tehrany candidly.
At the beginning of the procedure, Dr. Tehrany pointed out the biceps tendon and the superior labrum. The camera revealed the magnitude of the problematic labrum tear that has occurred where the biceps tendon and the labrum meet. Dr. Tehrany gave an overview of the procedural plan that explained how he would restore the biceps during surgery. Additionally, he pointed out the specialized equipment used to relieve the tension and pain in the labrum.
“This is a special suture that we use that we wrap around the biceps tendon,” Dr. Tehrany explains while using a loop and tack technique to begin the process.
During the surgery, Dr. Tehrany interchanged different scopes to provide new angles and get a better insight into the biceps. Watch the surgery video to see Dr. Tehrany complete the arthroscopic SLAP repair. If you are experiencing any shoulder pain or tension, we are available to assist you. Schedule a consultation to put a stop to your pain.