Inside the surgery center: Arthroscopic Shoulder Dislocation Repair

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Shoulder injuries are prevalent in people who are physically active regularly. Recently, Dr. Armin Tehrany had a patient who severely injured his shoulder while working out. Luckily, the patient, who is also a US Border Patrol Officer, had a good health condition, and his body was healthy and energized. However, the pain and the instability he experienced prevented him from performing his duties with full capacity.
“For a gentleman in his position who is an officer, [he] needs to have that shoulder as close to perfect as possible because of the risks that are involved,” Dr. Tehrany explains.
  With the pandemic still being a part of our lives, we continue to exercise great caution during the Phase I portion of our reopening process. We strictly follow the CDC’s safety guidelines, and we maintain a high level of hygiene in our office. Moreover, everything we do is in accordance with the  COVID-19 safety protocol that we established so that our patients can visit a risk-free environment. During the first appointment with the patient, Dr. Tehrany revealed that the patient suffered a shoulder dislocation. A dislocated shoulder is a shoulder injury in which the ball of the shoulder pops out of the cup-shaped socket. The shift in the shoulder can further lead to severe damage to the soft tissues, ligaments, and nerves around the shoulder ball. Therefore, shoulder dislocation requires proper examination and adequate treatment. As an orthopedic surgeon specialized in shoulder and knee treatments, Dr. Tehrany was able to customize a treatment plan for the patient quickly.   Dr. Tehrany recommended proceeding with the shoulder surgery.  The plan included two procedures: arthroscopic SLAP repair with one anchor and Posterior Bankart repair with two anchors. In the latest video, Dr. Tehrany shared the flow of the surgery in an attempt to help future patients get a better understanding of the surgery. During the preparation of the surgery, Dr. Tehrany quickly identified the labrum tissue that has been torn off the glenoid. Together with his PA, Steve Bouskila, Dr. Tehrany performs the shoulder reconstruction calmly, with tact and natural ease. To educate the community, Dr. Tehrany guides the surgery audibly, navigating the stages of the procedure diligently and with confidence. At the end of the surgery, Dr. Tehrany pointed out the final result of the shoulder surgery, confidently expressing his belief that the patient will feel healthy and well again. Our offices are open for visits and we still offer the Telemedicine option for people who experience knee or shoulder problems to meet with Dr. Tehrany online from the comfort of their homes.  If you experience any issue or pain with your shoulders or knees, contact us immediately to schedule your appointment with one of the top New York orthopedic specialists, Dr. Armin Tehrany.