Five common activities that cause shoulder injuries

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When it comes to shoulder injuries, people tend to believe that they occur from complicated and hard activities. However, more often than not, a shoulder injury strikes while engaging in day-to-day tasks. Therefore, it’s crucial to be vigilant and conscious in all movements to avoid any painful shoulder problems. Following is a list of common everyday activities that impact shoulder health and lead to shoulder injuries. Carrying a shoulder bag Surprisingly, choosing an everyday shoulder bag is not a simple process. It requires a lot of attention and wise selection because not all bags distribute the weight evenly, nor they provide adequate support. shoulder injuries One of the reasons that shoulder bags are not an ideal choice is the imbalance they cause due to excessive weight on one side of the body. Moreover, to support the bag, the body goes into a posture that doesn’t feel natural. As a result, problems such as shoulder pain or joint strain occur. If not addressed immediately and properly, they can further progress into severe shoulder conditions. Hanging curtains or reaching for the top kitchen shelf The shoulder provides a wide range of arm motions, and they also support arm’s flexibility. However, those capabilities and flexibility are not limitless. Simple overhead movements and reaching up, cause people to push the joints too far, resulting in a tear, strain, or even dislocation. To prevent such shoulder injuries while working at home, a ladder that reaches high enough at eye-level when hanging something is simply a must. Gardening This one may come as a surprise. How can an activity that is therapeutic for many do any harm? shoulder injuries There is a variety of movements in gardening that require shoulder rotations and abrupt, forceful movements. Therefore, while enjoying gardening, one should always be mindful and listen to their body. Washing walls While Repetitive Strain Injury is most often associated with computers and technology, it can also come as a result of housework. The weekly chores can be extremely harmful if performed with a lack of attention. Maintaining a good position and posture is essential to avoid shoulder pain and injuries while taking care of the home. Be sure to step away from those weekly chores if you experience any shoulder pain. If discomfort occurs, body rest and a short recovering period will do their magic to help the shoulder feel better. Shoveling snow It’s important to understand that shoulders need to work in tandem with the rest of the body. It’s imperative to engage the core strength and bend the knees to avoid any potential shoulder injury while shoveling. That way, the shoulders will not be the only responsible for lifting heavy loads.   shoulder injuries