The Surgery Journal: Dr. Tehrany’s collaborative project titled “Increase in VO2 Max over 24 Months” was published

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The founder of Manhattan Orthopedic Care and one of the top New York knee and shoulder specialists, Dr. Armin Tehrany, has been featured in the leading journal for medical specialists, The Surgery Journal. dr armin tehrany As an orthopedic doctor who always strives to discover new methods that improve the physical health, Dr. Tehrany gladly joined his colleague, Dr. Daniel Laury, in the project titled “Increase in VO2 Max over 24 Months”. The goal of the project was to monitor, measure, and objectively document the amelioration of the VO2 Max using a defined protocol on standardized testing equipment. In the medical field, the level of VO2 Max plays an immense role in monitoring and improving the physical performance in both athletes and non-athletes. It is also known as a valuable health parameter for athletic performance testing. For the study, Dr. Tehrany and Dr. Laury chose a 43-year old healthy man to be a research subject. During the study, they provided different workout routines and performed a variety of tests that monitored the level of VO2 Max. The research study consisted of ongoing observation of the blood pressure and VO2 Max of the case subject through a voluntary baseline cardiopulmonary stress test. A high VO2 Max, therefore, correlates with better endurance during activity. While VO2 Max is a crucial component of an individual’s ability to excel in sports, technique, personal and psychological motivators, fatigue, and nutrition may also impact performance. Therefore, it is necessary to place the VO2 Max result in context. Dr. Tehrany sincerely hopes that this study will significantly help people who are physically active in achieving their peak performance. The article was published in the fifth volume of the 2019 edition of the Surgery Journal. surgery journal The Surgery Journal is an all-encompassing, Open Access journal for surgeons and trainee surgeons of all disciplines, as well as other medical professionals engaged with the support and surgical treatment of patients.
“I am profoundly honored to be included alongside my friend and colleague, Dr. Laury, in the Surgery Journal. Looking forward to many more interesting research projects,” says Dr. Tehrany.
To learn more about the protocols, the subject, methods of analysis, and end-results, please click here and read the complete article.