Metro US Online: Dr. Tehrany provides an expert opinion on when it’s time to check sore knees

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As one of the most active joints in our body, the knee is extremely vulnerable and prone to a variety of knee injuries and painful conditions. Moreover, the knee is essential for everyday activities as it allows flexible movements of the leg, and it supports the entire body and body weight. Therefore, even a minor injury or soreness in the knee can significantly impact the lifestyle or ability to perform the usual daily routines. Nowadays, due to the active modern lifestyle, people often experience soreness or a mild pain in the knees, and the main question that floats over everyone’s head is at what point to trigger the red alarm for visiting an orthopedic doctor? sore knees Recently, the daily newspaper written and designed for young and ambitious professionals, Metro, has included Dr. Armin Tehrany in an article titled “Sore knees? How to tell if it’s something serious?”. The article aims to provide an expert and professional explanation on how to determine if the knee soreness or pain should be examined by a professional orthopedic doctor. According to Dr. Tehrany, one of the signs that something is seriously wrong is the need to constantly adjust to the everyday routine in order to accommodate the pain.
“If you are feeling levels of discomfort that prevent you from completing simple tasks like walking, handling errands, or even working out, you should see a doctor. You should also check if there are symptoms of swelling or redness around the area where you are feeling pain,” explains Dr. Tehrany.
One reason that shouldn’t be considered as an alarm is the higher temperature in summer. As per Dr. Tehrany’s experience and expertise, the baroreceptors in our knees sense changes in the air pressure, and as a result, the rise or the fall of the temperature can increase the sensation of pain in the knee, ultimately causing the knee to tighten and stiffen.
“Air pressure can change in both warm and cold climates, so if you feel pain or discomfort in your knees when running in the summer, it doesn’t indicate anything more serious than if someone were to feel pain when it’s damp outside,” Dr. Tehrany elaborates.
To learn more about the signs that warrant a visit to the orthopedic doctor, follow this link to read the complete article, published on Metro US Online.