NFL Players Worry More About Knee Injury Than Brain Injuries!

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What is more damaging?  A brain injury (that can have lasting consequences) or a knee injury (that can be fixed by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon.) Obviously, for most people, a brain injury (concussions) represents a more serious threat.  However, for 46% of NFL players, it’s the knee injury that is more frightening. According to the USA Today’s survey, done with 293 players on 20 NFL teams, almost half of the players say they are concerned with “the-here-and-now“ threats, like a career ending knee injuries. Only 24 percent said that they worry about head and brain injury. The rest, 26 percent, said that they have no major concerns regarding injuries. knee injury

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Manhattan Orthopedic Care physician, with enormous experience as a knee specialist, as well as neurology, Dr. Armin Tehrany disagrees with most of the NFL players. Concussions are a life-threatening problem for everyone, especially for professional athletes.  In 2013, there were 147 reported concussions, which averages to 10 per week! Head injuries are not immediately noticeable on the field, but can be problem later in life. It is understandable for players to be scared of the knee injury, which can leave them off the field for a longer period, and some may be recurring. No one wants to get hurt and end their career. But, Dr. Tehrany, who’s done his fair share of knee procedures, says that knee injuries can be repaired with surgery, and with proper recovery players can continue to play, often without any concerns.
“While knee injuries can be career-ending in the NFL, orthopedic surgeons can perform knee surgery that can get most players back into the game. Multiple concussions can not only be career ending, but affect a player’s entire future… and in some cases it can be life-ending.”, Dr. Tehrany said.
The USA Today Sports survey also asked players whether NFL rule changes on hits to the head had made the game safer.  53% say safety is about the same as before.