Orthopedic tips for a safe trip: How to protect the knees on the next adventure

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The knee is one of the essential joints in the body, therefore, preventing knee injuries at any occasion is simply a must. While knee pain is usually a result of a knee condition or knee injury, in travelers, knee pain may be a result of the uncomfortable positioning during long flights or bus rides. Protecting the knees while traveling is not complex at all. Following these simple tips can immensely help in making your traveling experience pain-free and more pleasurable.  

Provide the knees more space

One of the obvious ways to protect the knees is to give them what most cramped seats on airplanes do not have, a bigger space. There are limited options for ample legroom; however, there are options on how to get the desired space. Aside from the traditional choices of first-class and business, some airlines provide additional premium seating tiers. Another more economical option is to choose a seat in the exit row. knee pain The space around the knees is important as it allows the knees to be free of pressure. With enough space, travelers can easily switch sitting positions and keep the circulation in the muscles around the knee going.

Remember to pack medications

For travelers who take prescribed medications for knee pain or who occasionally take any over the counter medications, it’s important to have an abundant supply on hand. Proper preparation for pain management will not interrupt any planned activities while traveling.

Don’t forget to stretch the knees

Long flights or bus rides in less than ideal positions lead to tightness in the knee joints, so it is important to stretch the knees thoroughly after long periods spent sitting. Getting up periodically throughout a flight and stretching during layovers alleviates the pain. Traveling can also lead to higher activity levels, so it’s important to adjust any physical therapy exercises accordingly, if applicable. It’s important to note that maintaining any typical stretching regimen is ideal for keeping the knee functionality optimal.

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Avoid junk food

Vacations can be a good excuse to abandon otherwise healthy eating habits. Still, aside from the obvious reasons why one should avoid junk food, there is a surprising fact that junk food impacts the knee health. The body can reject junk food in peculiar ways. One such way is through aches and pains in the joints induced through a spike in insulin as the body attempts to regulate the change in eating habits. High levels of saturated and trans fats found in processed foods can also cause inflammation, another contributor to joint pain. Healthy, well-balanced meals that closely resemble travelers’ ordinary culinary choices are a perfect solution for healthy knees. While having an amazing time while traveling is important, taking care of knee health is essential for a good adventure. Paying attention to any messages the body sends is the key to managing any knee pain or knee injuries that may arise.