Dr. Armin Tehrany explains the causes of knee pain in an educational interview for “The Active Times”

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As a knee and shoulder specialist with decades of vast experience in orthopedics, Dr. Armin Tehrany is often invited to provide expert opinions on knee and shoulder related topics. knee pain   One of his latest interviews was for “The Active Times”, a source of comprehensive and enlightening content for sports enthusiasts. In his brief, yet educational interview, Dr. Tehrany provided useful tips on how to prevent knee exhaustion and knee injuries, as well as instructions on how to treat knee pain. As the most active and complex joint of our body, the knee is constantly under immense pressure, which makes it very vulnerable and prone to injuries. For example, among regular runners, this pressure highly impacts the knee’s health, and occasionally causes a significant amount of pain. Despite the fact that the pain may not be a sign of a severe knee condition, Dr. Tehrany advises:
“Pain that does not subside in a week or so should be evaluated by a physician to rule out something that could worsen with running.”
Furthermore, Dr. Tehrany emphasized the importance of following the physicians’ guidelines during knee treatment.
“We cannot assume that the knee is healed simply because the pain has subsided. Pain is a subjective thing. The patient should rely on the physician’s assessment of the exact diagnosis in order to feel that the problem has healed.”
Dr. Tehrany concludes the interview and the article by sharing his professional opinion on prescribing medication for the treatment of knee pain.
“For [people] that want the medication right away, I prescribe it only after making the diagnosis and explaining the proper treatment. For those that refuse to take medication that should, I simply explain to them the risks and benefits of their actions. The choice is theirs.”
To read the complete article, please visit “The Active Times.” If you’re feeling pain in your knee that’s causing concern and discomfort, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Our team will schedule a consultation with Dr. Armin Tehrany, to make sure that your knee is healthy and pain-free again.