A SLAP Tear is a common shoulder injury that is particularly common in people who perform repetitive shoulder motions and participate in repetitive overhead sports. Additionally, the aging process is also a major contributor to wearing down of the labrum, therefore the tearing of the superior labrum is considered as a normal process of aging. arthroscopic slap repair The symptoms of the SLAP Tear are extremely similar to symptoms related with other shoulder problems and conditions. The list of the most common SLAP Tear symptoms includes:
    • Pain while performing overhead arm motions
    • Loss of strength in the shoulder
    • Pain when lifting objects
    • Limited range of motions
    • A sensation of catching, popping or locking in the shoulder
    • “Dead arm” feeling
Depending on the severity of the tear, orthopedic doctors can recommend conservative or surgical treatment. The conservative treatment is usually recommended in order to alleviate symptoms and increase the arm mobility and shoulder strength. However, in many patients, the arthroscopic SLAP repair has proven to be the most effective treatment. It is a minimally invasive procedure performed to remove damaged tissue in the shoulder, and patients who experience no post-surgery complications are able to leave the surgery center shortly after the procedure. Savitree had a painful SLAP Tear when she had her appointment with Dr. Armin Tehrany. As an experienced and utterly skilled shoulder specialist, Dr. Tehrany was able to form diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment shortly after he thoroughly examined Savitree’s shoulder. Her condition prompted an immediate surgical treatment, and she was scheduled for an Arthroscopic SLAP Repair in no time. After the surgery, Savitree began with her recovery period and therapy, and six weeks after the surgery, she was almost back to her pain-free life. Excited that the shoulder pain was no longer part of her life, Savitree expressed her gratitude with a candid review on Yelp.
“Dr.Tehrany and his staff are very professional. From my first visit, I know I was to be cared for by the best doctor. He knew exactly what was wrong with my shoulder. I had my shoulder surgery done 6 weeks ago, and I must say I am very satisfied with the procedure. I am feeling and healing great.Thank you Dr. Tehrany.”
This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.