The shoulder joint is one of the most active joints in the human body and as a result prone to injuries more often.  Especially in people who are physically active and play sports that include many repetitive motions. That puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder and sometimes even an insignificant trauma can cause a terrible shoulder injury. This is what happened to David Lancer, a sports enthusiast, who suffered from a shoulder dislocation resulting in multiple labrum tears in his shoulder. This shoulder injury occurred during a “Tough Mudder” event. labrum tear repair   After the labrum tear, David wasn’t able to use his arm without a popping sound and terrible pain. He had his appointment with Dr. Armin Tehrany, a top New York orthopedic surgeon, who completed a thorough examination of David’s shoulder condition and recommended proceeding with an arthroscopic labrum tear repair. Prior to recommending the shoulder surgery, Dr. Tehrany informed David about all available treatment options for him and helped him fully understand each treatment. After a careful consideration and consultation with Dr. Tehrany, David decided to proceed with the labrum tear repair surgery. The whole team at Manhattan Orthopedic Care put their efforts in helping David stay calm and comfortable during the labrum tear repair shoulder surgery and throughout the recovery process. They were available to answer all of his labrum tear questions, which put David to ease knowing he was in the hands of true professionals and experts.
I had dislocated my shoulder at a Tough Mudder event and torn my labrum in multiple places. Dr. Tehrany and his staff did a great job throughout the entire process after my injury. First they laid out all my options and once I decided to go forward with the surgery, I felt at ease as they prepared me and my family for the surgical procedure and helped manage my recovery. Both the surgery and recovery were a great success, after rehabbing for just 2 and half months I was actually ahead of schedule and able to resume exercising and even pick up my daughter who was now 7 months old. I highly recommend Dr. Tehrany and his staff. – David Lancer”
We are happy that David’s labrum tear repair was successful and that the recovery went perfectly well. Thank you, David, for your trust. We are glad to have you as one of our friends now 🙂
This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.