The arthroscopic labrum tear repair is a minimally invasive shoulder procedure to repair a tear in the labrum. The labrum is a thick band of tissue that surrounds the shoulder socket and provides stability to the shoulder joint. It also connects the glenoid (socket part of the scapula) with the head of the humerus. When the labrum becomes torn, the shoulder loses the cushion between the bones, therefore, the shoulder loses stability, strength, mobility, and there is a feeling of locking or grinding inside the shoulder. The labrum tear repair is an arthroscopic treatment recommended after anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy failed to relieve the pain. arthroscopic labrum tear repair During the labrum repair surgery, the orthopedic surgeon inserts a tiny camera into the shoulder joint. Through the images sent via the camera, the surgeon has the ability to fully inspect the labrum and the damaged area of the labrum. With the help of small surgical tools and equipment designed for arthroscopic surgery, the shoulder surgeon can smoothly trim the torn part of the labrum and then repair the damaged area, or just reattach the labrum to the humerus. George visited Manhattan Orthopedic Care with all signs that point to a tear in the labrum: loss of strength, a minimal range of arm motion, loss of stability in the shoulder, and a locking and grinding feeling. He had an appointment with our orthopedic physician associates who have remarkable skills and extensive knowledge for diagnosing and treating orthopedic injuries and conditions. Due to the unbearable condition that George’s shoulder was in, he was scheduled for an arthroscopic labrum tear repair. The surgery was performed by Dr. Armin Tehrany who carried out the entire surgical process with such an easy and calmness which enormously helped George feel confident in the choice of his shoulder doctor.
“Great Orthopedic Surgeon… had my Labrum repaired and everything went according to plan. Would definitely recommend Dr. Tehrany to anyone needing their shoulder repaired. I am fully healed up and feeling much better than before.”