At Manhattan Orthopedic Care we pride ourselves to be highly experienced professionals, who always strive to give the best orthopedic care and provide the most comfortable stay at the orthopedic surgery center. As Mr. Gerard Dragonetti, a recent shoulder surgery patient, photographed with physician associate Stephen Bouskila, says, from the “phone calls to the appointments to the surgery” he was given the best professional care that “made him feel very comfortable”. manhattan orthopedic care

After the shoulder surgery, Mr. Dragonetti joined his sons at their batting practice again

“As a patient of Dr. Armin Tehrany’s, at both the Manhattan and Staten Island offices; the entire office staff at both locations are courteous and professional. In addition, they are well informed about their patients. From the phone calls to confirm appointments to the post surgery calls to see how I was feeling made me feel comfortable to be using such a fine Doctor.”, wrote Mr. Dragonetti. “As far as my shoulder surgeries that Dr. Tehrany performed, I was pain free within a couple of weeks and still am. During my visits he was professional and had an excellent bed side manner. He made me feel very comfortable by fully explaining the procedure and what to expect. I fully & completely understood what was going to take place as well as the healing period. At 60 years old, within 5 weeks, I was able to pitch at batting practice to my sons!”
Mr. Gerard Dragonetti’s kind words are very dear to us as they confirm that we successfully achieve our goal to provide the best orthopedic services and the utmost care for our patients at Manhattan Orthopedic Care. Thank you, Mr. Dragonetti, for your warm and kind words.
This patient was treated at the Staten Island Office.