We have received so many warm praises from our patients before and all of them are very dear to our hearts. But when sports enthusiasts get their strength and smile back because we’ve helped them, we are happier than words can say, which was the case with Andrew Stair, a sweet and charismatic young man who tore his ACL playing basketball. He had visited Manhattan Orthopedic Care once before, for a knee injury. The second injury turned to be more complicated – his ACL was torn and it required an ACL surgery.   acl surgery Before the surgery, Dr. Tehrany, a top shoulder surgeon in NYC, together with his team prepped Andrew for the ACL surgery with pre-hab – a proactive approach to avoiding pain and injury. It builds strength and stability around the most vulnerable areas while improving mobility, balance and joint function to decrease the potential for injuries. As Andrew says, the pre-hab turned to be the key to his successful and smooth recovery after the ACL surgery. In the video below Andrew shares his experience with Dr. Terhany and his team during the ACL surgery and the knee recovery process. Watch the video and you’ll understand why Andrew became our dear friend very quickly.
Video transcription: Hi, I’m Andrew Stair, I had ACL surgery when I injured myself playing basketball. I had seen you guys before for a previous knee injury, and when it was time to decide to get surgery, I came to Manhattan Orthopedic Care. You guys had recommended getting “pre-hab,” which strengthens the area around the knee before surgery. And I think that was really key because now that the surgery is done, it has helped me in my recovery time. The amount of time that it has taken me to get back on my feet has been reduced because we did all the pre-work, and then, you know, the rehab afterward as well as the surgery that you guys did, which was the allograft. And now, a month later, I have a full range of motion, very little pain at all, I’m back to work and walking around- hope to be running soon!”
This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.