Lady Gaga Cancels Tour After Hip Injury

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The fans of Lady Gaga will have to wait a while to see her again on stage. The young pop star, famous for her extravagant dressing up and dancing, had a labral tear of her right hip, a significant hip injury, which is most likely caused by repetitive movements. She says that the hip injury gave her a “chronic pain for some time now” and that she hoped it will heal itself. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so Lady Gaga was advised to have a hip surgery. Hip Injury

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“Labral surgery for the hip is a significant procedure. It is most likely due to her dancing. She may also have generalized laxity… which makes her a better dancer, but also more prone to labral tears. She should do very well and be back in action in a few months.”, said Manhatthan Orthopaedic Care’s physician Dr. Armin Tehrany.
Gaga will need some time to recover. After the hip surgery, she will be on crutches and will spend some time in a wheelchair, which the eccentric star named “Emma”.